If you have decided you are ready to get a tattoo and have questions regarding a  design, or price, but do not wish to book yet, please feel free to send me a message using the form available on this page. The more descriptive you are with your idea and placement the quicker the process. 


Consultation is always free.


To set an Appointment I will need you to click the "Book Now" button to find a time slot for you. Please write in the description box on the link to let me know more about your tattoo idea! 


It will ask for your Payment information but will not charge you anything unless you become a no call no show for your appointment that you have picked.


Working hours

Mon: Appointment only

Tue: 12am-8 pm

Weds: 12pm-8 pm

Thurs; 12am-2:30 pm

Fri: 12pm-9 pm

Sat; 12am-9 pm

604 W. Mcgalliard Rd. 

Muncie, Indiana 47303

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